Artist Statement

Pondering the imponderable, such as the examination of space and time is a major influence upon my artwork. With our knowledge of the cosmos growing each day, every mystery solved only surfaces more questions. This paradox of an ever-receding line of knowledge can create powerful romantic notions of possibilities, positive and negative. The infinite possibilities of the cosmos inspire the imagery in my work, balancing between the discernable and the vague in an attempt not to undermine the concept’s potential. This omission of a narrative is done so with the goal of evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity with an engulfing intimacy. Engulfing because of the unfathomable vastness of everything we know and intimate from knowing our atoms came from out there. Art is about the human experience and what is more human than contemplating one’s own existence?

I’m drawn to this concept because of how humbling of an experience astronomy can be, revealing our insignificance. Painting connects with me romantically; the process, the feel, and the smells. The gestural and spherical forms in my work are conscious choices to reinforce these concepts. The cosmos is not ridged, as a whole it flows and moves and evolves, and the sphere is one of the most fundamentally basic forms. I view my painting as not about making pictures but rather an abstract depiction of an internal landscape exploring the paradox of our line of knowledge, with every micro-space of my surfaces holding something to discover.  The cosmos has evolved to the point to become aware of itself, study itself, even create art about itself. We’re all made of star stuff.